Science (Scholarship) as Open Source Process

This very short piece from the late F. Kittler becomes increasingly issues of open scholarship and open education become ever more established. For example:

However, it was practical when some programmers at the MIT resisted venality and when a computer science student at the University of Helsinki overcame the widespread fear of assemblers and cold starts. Th at is how immediately open source and free soft ware are connected to the university. Look how much “edu” is in the sources of the Linux kernel. That is also how directly the future of the university depends on these free sources.

I “open sourced” this short piece from Chun and Keenan, New Media Old Media. London: Routledge, with apologies to P. Krapp.

One note about the translation: Science in Kittler’s original German would have been “Wissenschaft.” Unlike the English word “science” (which seems to always imply “natural science”) the German term is regularly used to designate all forms of scholarly endeavor.

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