Herbart on Pedagogical Tact

In 1802, J.F. Herbart (1776-1841) gave a brilliant lecture on pedagogical tact, which provides many insights that remain relevant today. Here’s a 1898 translation of Herbart’s lecture, provided courtesy of Google Books.

See the whole PowerPoint presentation, which situates Herbart’s discussion of tact in the context of the broader relationship between phenomenology and pedagogy.

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  1. Anja Kraus says:

    Dear Norm,

    how can I quote this text?
    I would like to quote: “Let the question and counter-question balance, in order that we may return to our assertion that inevitably tact occupies the place that theory leaves vacant, and so becomes the immediate director of our practice. Supposing the theory true, happy he, no doubt, in whom this regent is a truly obedient servant of the theory.”
    However, you are the only one who provides the internet-source to Herbart in the English-speaking realm.

    All the best!

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