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Failure as the Essence, the Dignity of Education?!

“That failure may have a far deeper foundation, that it is actually founded in the essence, even in the dignity of education itself, has never been considered. In reality, however, risk is an innermost essential characteristic of education as long … Continue reading

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Colloquium: Human Science Pedagogy

Human Science Pedagogy: An International Colloquium  June 11, 12:30-4:30 University of British Columbia, Koerner Library, RM216 (Vancouver, BC, Canada) What is Human Science Pedagogy? As educated & educating beings, we are not simply homo sapiens—a biological “type” determined by physiology … Continue reading

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Good Teaching is about Tact, not Interaction or Scaffolding

Pedagogical tact has been a topic of significant international interest in educational discourse since it was initially defined by J.F. Herbart in 1802—specifically as a “quick judgment and decision” able to address “the true requirements of the individual case.” This … Continue reading

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The Pedagogical Relation @ AERA 2017

Here’s the abstract for a paper that I’ll be giving in the Philosophical Studies in Education SIG at AERA coming up in April 2017: The pedagogical relation, the idea of a special relationship between educator and educand, has long been a … Continue reading

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Unsettling the Pedagogical Relation – Starting with a Glance

This image from Ghirlandaio’s An Old Man and his Grandson (recently restored, left), was used as the cover image by Klaus Mollenhauer for his 1983 book, Forgotten Connections: On Culture and Upbringing (translated 2014), and eight years later, on the cover of … Continue reading

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Bildung, Currere and the Task of Remebrance

Presentation given as a part of the EDCP 2014-2015 Seminar Series, “International Perspectives in Curriculum and Pedagogy” hosted by William E. Doll Jr., Donna Trueit and William Pinar. Bildung, Currere and the Task of Remeberance from Norm Friesen on Vimeo. … Continue reading

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Herbart on Pedagogical Tact

In 1802, J.F. Herbart (1776-1841) gave a brilliant lecture on pedagogical tact, which provides many insights that remain relevant today. Here’s a 1898 translation of Herbart’s lecture, provided courtesy of Google Books. See the whole PowerPoint presentation, which situates Herbart’s discussion of tact … Continue reading

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Curriculum, Instrumental Rationality and Tact

A presentation I’ve given in Leipzig at a conference on comparative curriculum and didactics. It outlines some of the basics of curriculum design and lesson planning in the North American context; In this presentation, I will describe curriculum, lesson plans … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Teacher –& Teaching

A new, special issue of the free, online journal, Phenomenology & Practice, is out. The theme of this issue is “the call of teaching.” One excellent article in the issue is by Gert Biesta. It looks at a question that has … Continue reading

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Relational Pedagogy and Teacher Personae Online

Claire Major from the U. of Alabama recently requested a short description for her forthcoming book, Teaching Online: Understanding and Managing Instructional Changes when Teaching with the Internet (forthcoming from JHU Press). She asked about the connection between the notion … Continue reading

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