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Failure as the Essence, the Dignity of Education?!

“That failure may have a far deeper foundation, that it is actually founded in the essence, even in the dignity of education itself, has never been considered. In reality, however, risk is an innermost essential characteristic of education as long … Continue reading

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Colloquium: Human Science Pedagogy

Human Science Pedagogy: An International Colloquium  June 11, 12:30-4:30 University of British Columbia, Koerner Library, RM216 (Vancouver, BC, Canada) What is Human Science Pedagogy? As educated & educating beings, we are not simply homo sapiens—a biological “type” determined by physiology … Continue reading

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The Pedagogical Relation @ AERA 2017

Here’s the abstract for a paper that I’ll be giving in the Philosophical Studies in Education SIG at AERA coming up in April 2017: The pedagogical relation, the idea of a special relationship between educator and educand, has long been a … Continue reading

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